Ortelius 800 overview


Radiation free
The Ortelius 800™ is a non-invasive radiation-free system for early diagnosis and monitoring of spinal deformities, such as scoliosis and kyphosis. In a brief concise examination of less than one minute this user-friendly system provides an accurate graphical image of the spine, displaying the calculated angle of deformity.
Young scoliosis patients typically undergo three to four yearly sessions of full-length spinal x-rays to monitor progress. However, spinal x-rays emit levels of radiation that are significantly higher than the standard chest plate, while repeated x-ray exposure has been linked to an increased risk of breast, bone and thyroid cancer. The innovative technology of the Ortelius 800™ allows for safe diagnosis and frequent follow-up of young patients undergoing long-term treatment without exposing them to unnecessary risk.
The Ortelius 800™ saves both valuable time and resources. The procedure is performed by a single examiner and provides immediate results, eliminating the need for x-ray referral and a protracted diagnosis process. This stand-alone system requires no costly film or other disposables. The quick and efficient Ortelius 800™ is ideal for screening large patient populations such as children within the school system for whom early diagnosis of spinal deformity is crucial.The Ortelius 800™ is cleared for marketing in the US and carries the CE mark.
  • Radiation free – Significantly reduces the need for x-rays and allows for more frequent monitoring
  • 3D-image display – Provides posterior-anterior (PA) and lateral views simultaneously and aids in more accurate prognosis
  • User-friendly – Saves time and resources and enables a wide range of end users
  • Integral database – Compiles patient log of consecutive examinations and provides user-friendly follow-up tools
  • Sophisticated software – Automatic calculation of Cobb angle, digital x- ray display and analysis for comparison with Ortelius 800™ scans